Chakra: Root (1st)

Blood Stone

Physical and mental vitality, clarity, balance, strength, wisdom. May aid bloodstream, bleeding problems, varicose veins, depression, psychosomatic illnesses. Powerful healing stone

Formula: SiO2

Zodiac: Aries, Pisces & Libra

Color: Dark green or greenish-blue with small red blood-like spots

Locality:  India, China, Brazil, Australia, USA

Planet: Mars

Element: Earth

Vibration: Number 4 and 6

The blood stone is a marvellous dark and earthy stone and stands for courage, vitality and strength. It is said to derive its powers from the blood of the Christ which fell on the Dark Green Earth at the time of crucifixion of the Christ. That is why it is named as the Blood Stone.

The crystal of Vigour gives great courage and strength to the wearer of the Talisman and to brave the storm. The ancient Greeks and Romans wore this crystal as an amulet to get physical strength and endurance especially the athletes. It served as a protection against injury and disease. By stimulating the root chakra, the blood stone helps overcomes the laziness and boredom which we undergo during mid-days.

There is a saying that all wounds heal with time and Blood stone. As challenges make life more interesting and overcoming those challenges make life more meaningful. The crystal healing powers are such that it helps the wearer transform all the negative vibrations into positive orgone or energy.

Used widely in meditation process the stone brings about clarity of thought by cleansing the energies and manifestation of healing properties.  It revitalises a tired soul and rekindles the life force in an individual. Also known as a stone of Joy and courage it builds confidence amongst individuals and removes the blocks that keep life stagnant.

Blood stone is often used as a stone with essential healing properties.  It helps stimulate the root chakra providing a sense of security and safety. Whether its physical or creative energy, the blood stone provides it all.

The blood stone guides you to achieve your goals and helps to plan accordingly.  It helps clear all blockages which block the positive energy thus transforming the thoughts and vibes into positive orgone or energy. It is an orgonite for personal uses.