Chakra: Solar Plexus (3rd), Heart (4th)


Peridot enhances patience, mental and emotional clarity, happiness, sleep, confidence and balanced emotions. Helps to lessen anger and jealousy, inspiring happiness within the self. It can be used to magnify the inner aspects of any situation, and furthers the understanding of those changes which are occurring in ones life. It can be used to cleanse and stimulate the heart chakra bringing openness and acceptance in the intellectual pursuit of matters of love and relationships. Peridot may aid in the maintenance of tissue regeneration, heart, muscles, glandular systems imbalances and stress.

Formula: (Mg,Fe)2SiO4

Zodiac: Virgo, Leo, Scorpio & Sagittarius

Color: Olive green, bottle green, yellowish-green

Locality: Pakistan, Myanmar, Australia, Brazil, South Africa and the USA

Planet: Mercury

Element: Earth

Vibration: Number 5, 6 and 7

The Peridot stone brings the energy that turns night into day. Harbinger of Vitamin D, this stone is connected to the sun and keeps you on the sunny side of life. It shines brightly and brings to you happiness and light-hearted vibes. It uplifts your environment and brings with its candy-coloured hue, protective, powerful qualities. It is said to promote abundance, prosperity, and happiness. It also adds colour to your life.

Peridot has been created from the volcanoes and is believed to be a gift from Mother Nature. It is cherished for its healing properties since ancient times and the lushness it brings has also been quite well known.


  • Clear mental blocks: This crystal is great for healing and using it for daily meditation. IT cleanses your environment and helps you get away from any emotional facelift. It clears out toxic emotions and you can feel yourself responding better to love, and happiness. It works to clear mental blocks and opens up the mind to infinite possibilities.
  • Increases mental focus: This stone is also known as the study stone as it helps increase your mental focus by making the mind more interactional and open to learning new things. It will give you the strength to persevere during challenging times.
  • Helps fight mental problems: It is a medicine for depression. If you keep a stone in your pocket, it can act as your daily antidepressant and it will protect you from negative energy and bo9ost your self worth and motivation. It balances the process of emotional release and gets rid of any negative emotions, brining a sense of security, and inner peace. It soothes nervousness, heals emotional and physical pain, and lessens suffering. It is also useful in promoting sleep. It balances bipolar disorders and helps settle your self-esteem.
  • Gets rid of negative feelings: Peridot is an aid to friendship and it frees the mind from any envious thoughts. It keeps you away from the evil eye. It cheers you up and attracts good lovers.
  • With the help of a peridot orgonite, you will be able to release old patterns of negativity. It will act like detox, and you will receive emotional balance and clarity. You will be able to open up more and get rejuvenation, renewal and a fresh start. It will increase your good fortune and luck and will help you change your bad patterns in life. It also fosters emotional balance and inner peace and gives you psychological clarity.