Chakra: Root (1st)

Red Tiger Eye

Self confidence, mental focus, energy centering, yin and yang energies, perception, divination, money, luck, protection, intuition. May aid hypochondria, eye diseases, stubbornness, unwanted emotions. Brings ideas to reality

Formula: SiO2

Zodiac: Capricorn

Color: Red with brown

Locality: South Africa and Western Australia

Planet: Sun

Element: Fire

Vibration: Number 4

The most powerful and mysterious talisman, the Tigers Eye is all but captivating. It is radiant and warm and known to grant the wearer an ability to know and to see everything. It is a marvellous stone of the Golden ray which teaches balance between the extremes like the good and bad, the right and wrong.

The Tigers Eye was used by the Egyptians in their deity statues to provide divine vision. The tiger’s eye is one of the most powerful eye formation stones known to bring sharpness and vigilance to the wearer. It is a variety of the macrocrystalline quartz with remarkable rich layers of brown and gold.

Also known as the Cats Eye quartz, it is historically the most abundant and powerful quartz known to protect the wearer from evil eye. With its powerful healing qualities it helps accelerate the healing of illness and brings about confidence in timid children enhancing their concentration for study. It also helps strengthen the willpower and creating harmony amongst families.

The tiger’s eye is a stone of good luck and fortune brining flow of money to the home. The stone is used by entrepreneurs and those who have set up new business establishments. It also helps in taking major decisions for those who have major career goals.

The tigers eye being from the family of quartz is a type of Orgonite which helps develop positive orgone in an individual and protecting the individual from negative intentions of others. It is a marvellous talisman for professional meditators.

Apart from healing properties the tigers eye also has some medicinal uses such as it is a blood fortifier, it provides vitality and strength and restoring balance to the body. It helps control ones hormones and is a harbinger of fertility. It relieves a person from asthma attacks and angina pain and heals disorders of the eyes and throat.

Tigers eye has been remarkable for the mind balancing, emotional extremes, and resolving inner dilemmas such as jealousy, pride etc. The tigers eye supports the root chakra known for physical vitality. It connects with the frequencies of the Earth and provides warm and stable energy for prayers and meditation.

This orgonite helps in promoting balance and stability to the wearer. It is a stone linked with the king of beasts, the magical tiger. It is also well known to ward of any Voodoo rituals and the evil eye thus absorbing any negative energies affecting the wearer. Thus as an orgonite of divine vision and vitality it proves to be useful in many ways to the wearer.