Chakra: Hears (4th)

Rose Quartz

Imagination, intellect, compassion, harmony, calming, confidence, balancing, love for self and others. Promotes forgiveness and friendship. May aid migraines, organs, fertility, reproductive organs, sexual and emotional imbalances, stress and cancer. Powerful all purpose stone

Formula: SiO2

Zodiac: Taurus, Libra

Color: Rose pink

Locality: Madagascar, India, Japan, South Africa, and the USA

Planet: Venus

Element: Earth, Water

Vibration: Number 7

Known as the heart stone, the Rose Quartz is a soft pink coloured crystal connected to the heart chakra. It is a harbinger of love and harmony in families and relationships. Since the 600 B.C it has been used for healing and other spiritual therapies.

The rose Quartz known for physical beautification, has been used by the ancient Egyptiansin facial masks for clearing scars. It has been honoured by Tibetans and the Orientals and the Chinese use it as a carving stone. The crystal has been an important talisman of relationships. It helps circulate a divine loving energy throughout the entire Aura of an individual.

The rose crystal helps in developing bonds amongst families and groups. It also it also increases love intimacy and romance amongst couples and newlyweds. The stone is also known to be beneficial in pregnancy =. It can be tied around the stomach and while baby birth. It also helps in soothing colic in children.

Rose quartz is a wonderful stone for sleeping as well as children especially those suffering from nightmare. This crystal helps in transforming all the negative orgone or energy into positive orgone thus it can be a trusted orgonite in fighting negative emotions, trauma and crisis.

A calming stone the rose quartz inculcates the values of empathy, sensitivity and to accept change. It is also a good stone used in comforting grief.

The physical healing properties of this stone are countless ranging from soothing burns to reducing blisters. It helps in smooth functioning of the heart and circulatory system. It is an elixir for diminishing scars. It helps babies with weak hearts heal quicker and makes their hearts stronger. It assists in healing kidneys and adrenals. It provides relief from cough and other bronchial problems. It has also been used to treat vertigo. The rose quartz increases fertility and supports the female reproductive system.

Directly related to the heart chakra the rose quartz assists in healing past wounds. The orgonite transforms or absorbs all the negative emotions an individual goes through and brings about positive vibes, dissolves sorrow, hurt fear and clears blockages. It helps one love himself and hence love others truly teaching the true essence of love.

The pink quartz helps in balancing the energies that have been displaced. Used in meditation it helps heal wounds sooth and dissolve fear anger hatred thus bring about love in relations and a gentle energy to ones day.